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"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Y3P says YEP to education, conversation, self-realization, and activism!


What are you passionate about? What are your political views? How can those two things come together? Our Survey was designed to help identify your political passions and views, leading to a more educated and active group of young people. Click here to take the survey!


Articles, videos, and podcasts, oh my! They will all help expand your political knowledge and grow to understand your own political ideology. Read up on current events, recognize the more reliable sources, and learn about views on any part of the political spectrum.


Burning questions our youth have about the U.S. government, politics, and current events are answered here. If you have anything you're curious about, just type in the "Let's Chat!" feature on the bottom right. Interested in questions people are asking? Click the button down below!

Get Involved

Activism is the pillar we hope to inspire you to take part in. We list various organizations that may be of interest to you based upon your own political passions and ideologies. Whether you want to make a donation or prefer some hands-on experience, take a look at how ordinary people are making an impact in their communities.

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