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XXX Cartoons Men Super.

Noted for their crude humor and tongue-in-cheek violence, Joe Cartoons were among the first widely distributed web-based productions of their kind.[4] Produced in Macromedia's (Adobe's) Flash format, a number of the cartoons are interactive, such as "Gerbil in a Microwave" and "Frog in a Blender".[4] "Frog in a Blender" has been downloaded at least 110 million times.[5] Before the dotcom crash, the site was said to be making $25,000 per month from banner advertising.[6] Shields won $80,000 in compensation from John Zuccarini in 2001 under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act after Zuccarini cybersquatted domain names.[7]

XXX cartoons men super.

The cartoons were broadcast on G4 as part of their Happy Tree Friends & Friends evening, and Joe Cartoon was in the top 10 on iTunes for several months.[8] In April 2006, a collection of 40 Joe Cartoon creations was released on DVD in North America, with some DVD-specific content created for the release.[4] Joecartoon was taken down in 2010 and the content was moved over to YouTube; however, the website returned in May 2012.

The Gerbil is one of the most well-known characters from the website, next to Superfly.His first appearance was in the 1999 cartoon Gerbil in a Microwave, when the user presses various speeds on a microwave in order for the gerbil to explode from too much heat. He has appeared in most of the cartoons, where he always gets into dangerous situations which results in death. Examples include getting stabbed by a pencil shot from the man in Numbah 2 Pencil III, being devoured by piranhas in Joefish, getting shot by a gun in Gerbill, and even getting run over by a Hummer along with his army of other gerbils while storming to find Joecartoon, who they claim is responsible for the gratuitous violence against gerbils in Gerbil Genocide.

However, in Donkey Bong [Long version], the gerbil laments about people "Kicking his ass, for what? A couple of laughs?" and that he is sick of being in dangerous situations that resulted in death from past films. Even though the Gerbil died in many cartoons, he has returned in other films, even the more recent 'Numbah 2 Pencil'.

The header of this category on the website is actually Press n 'Splode as most of these seventeen cartoons involve one or more characters exploding at some point. Each of these cartoons require varying degrees of interaction from the user. Some as simple as clicking a button to move on to the next section, with others having various branching paths depending on the users selections. This is where to find two of Joe's most famous works, Gerbil in a Microwave and Frog in a Blender.

This is a series of cartoons focusing on Jebidiah and Gertrude Greenfield. The Greenfields are two enterprising pot farmers/performance artists who have a truly bizarre sequence of events, involving a legless dog Lump and a giant Gummo. 350c69d7ab


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