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Find your political passions!

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This is your time to shine. Take this survey. You'll receive a copy of your responses in your email, use that to scroll below through the rest of this page and analyze your results. Everyone has a place in politics, let's find yours! 


This survey is intended to help young people understand more about their political views and interests. By no means are you required to take this, only participate if you feel it will benefit you. No information will be shared with anyone outside of the organization, but aggregated data will be used to help us understand improve the site. Thank you!

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Your results will be available in your email.
Check your answers and read down below to find how you feel about relevant issues in America.


If you answer A on any of all of the questions, this means that you feel strongly about what is best for you with regards for a certain political issue. It's difficult for some to be so confident in themselves and their values, so good job! Take a deeper dive to learn more.


If you answer B on any of all of the questions, this means that you may be more in-tune to the people around you than most. It is clear you care strongly about others in certain aspects of politics, and this level of empathy can be difficult for some. Take a deeper dive to learn more.


If you answer C on any or all of the questions, this means you’re neutral about that political topic. That’s completely normal! Just like academics and sports, everyone has their own interests and passions when it comes to politics. If you want to know more about any of the subjects above, take a deeper dive!

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You disagreed with your friend, who came out to you as gay. This shows that you are confident in your own moral beliefs, and want to surround yourself with like-minded people. The best way to do that is to get involved, start a conversation in our "Groups" page linked down below!


You accept your friend no matter what. This shows your loyalty and empathy, and you may want to support your friend further. If you feel passionate about your allyship, check out the Trevor Project for more opportunities below!


You chose to take some time to consider how to react to your friend coming out to you. Once you reflect, it's time for research! Check out the link below to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community from the Center for American Progress.


In selecting this choice, you showed your dedication to your own success and hard work as well as a want for fairness in competition. Transgender people in sports is currently a hot issue, so click the Politico link below to see what proponents of this view are doing.


This choice is characterized by selflessness and celebration of other's success, and you believe Trans athletes deserve the same celebration and success. Support trans athletes by signing the American Civil Liberties Union's petition against the NCAA in Idaho at the link below!


Your answer seems a bit more passive, meaning you likely don't want to get involved in this situation. It is also possible that you don't know the position you take. Check out this Reuters article to hear what both activists and experts say in order to form your own opinion!

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In selecting this option, you show your respect for the American system and want for a fair society. Real concerns with undocumented immigrants can be found at the link below, discussed by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.


You show your compassion in choosing this answer. Some immigrants, undocumented or not, have a much more difficult time than native-born Americans. Visit the National Immigrant Justice Center page below to learn how you can help!


In choosing to stay out of the situation, you're staying neutral. That's okay, you have no duty to report undocumented immigrants. Want to know more? Check out these interesting findings from a Pew Research Center survey below.

U.S. Immigrant Findings


By confronting your boss, you show your dedication to fairness. You want to take action, but think that you will make more change than anyone else. You may consider wanting to take the initiative in your own community! Check out the VolunteerMatch link below to make a difference!


You show that you care about the issue of unequal pay, but want to give your peer the autonomy they deserve in their own life. That is what embodies this answer choice. Unconscious bias drives some forms of discrimination, including gender inequality. Take a look at the Forbes link below to learn about the big ideas!


In your own life, the wage gap may not be super apparent. However, it is an issue elsewhere. Whether you have encountered unequal pay in the workplace or not, reading the link below from the Center for American Progress can help keep you updated and educated on the situations and scale of unequal pay!

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By telling your friends to keep the baby, you show your confidence and conviction in your own moral values and beliefs. Many current politicians agree with you, and you may be interested in the article linked below from USA Today about current action being taken against abortion.


You believe that your friend should have complete autonomy over her own body. With many fights for pro-choice being lost in conservative states, you may want to take action. Click the Planned Parenthood link down below to learn how you can be involved in protecting reproductive freedom.


Consulting a professional is always a good idea when it comes to medical procedure. Do you have your own stance on Abortion? The ProCon link below provides some arguments both for and against abortion that may help you form and/or further your own opinions on the subject.


From this option, it is clear that you are a loyal friend. You may laugh along, but do you say these words? Take a look at the link below from The Conversation to learn about the development of language over time and how your generation feels about discriminatory terms.


You are an advocate for marginalized peoples. You are empathetic, making sure those around you are kind and educated. Check out the Learning for Justice link below to make sure you're tackling discrimination in a peaceful way that also doesn't put down those you're trying to educate.


Ignoring your friends makes it clear that you don't agree with their use these terms. However, you may not feel comfortable yet standing up to them. To do that, you need to be confident in your knowledge of the subject. Check the Learning for Justice link to recognize discrimination.

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This option shows that you think paying for your friend once will not solve the underlying issue. They now also may expect to be paid for all the time. See the Forbes link below to understand how that may be true on a national scale!


Because you pay for both you and your friend's meal, you are exercising the same ideas behind taxing the wealthy more than others. See how a wealth tax might work in the United States at the NPR article linked below.


By paying for the whole table, you give everyone the exact same opportunity to have food without worrying about the cost. This is the underlying idea of a Universal Basic Income, learn more from ProCon linked below!


By choosing this option, you are only concerned with your responsibilities and believe that other people are responsible for themselves. But, make sure you don't litter yourself! Check out how littering can become a mod mentality from the Atlantic article linked below.


Direct confrontation like that listed in this answer show your dedication to keeping out earth clean. You may be interested in getting involved with climate change activism. Information about what you can do to help can be found in the link below from!


You may want to get involved with helping pick up litter or finding a solution to climate change, but confrontation or protests could be too overwhelming. A good solo and small group activity you can do anywhere is seeking out trash to pick up. Just make sure to do it safely, as told by the NPR link below!

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You may feel that America should work on helping the citizens at home before solving issues abroad. Here is an article from Pew Research Center discussing what the most major issues facing America today are. How do you think we should solve them?


In selecting this option, you display how you feel that America should help any and all in need. This empathetic view of defending American Foreign Aid is mirrored by the Brookings article linked below, check it out to learn more!


This option, finding an outcome that is best for every party involved, shows how you take deliberate action in your own life. To see what the United States Agency for International Development has accomplished click the link below.


This answer mirrors the idea of paying business taxes to the government. Check out the link below from the Internal Revenue Service about the types of taxes individuals, businesses, corporations, and more have to pay to the government.


This answer choice is against heavy government regulation of the economy. How much interference should the government have in the economy? Check out the link below from Britannica to learn about this idea's progression through history.


This may seem like a silly or irrelevant question, but it actually pertains to government regulation of the economy. So, what is that and why is it important? The Committee for Economic Development tells you at the link below.

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Your courage and loyalty to your country is admirable. Many people would not be willing or able to serve. You may want to consider getting involved in the armed forces yourself, so check out the link below from to find out how!


In selecting this choice, you may feel that it is unfair to force someone to fight. The long-standing discussion over mandatory service, according to the Brookings article below, must come to an end. Check out the case against mandatory service at the link!


You many not feel strongly about mandatory military service, but many people do. Mandatory service and drafts often impact all citizens of a country. Check out the ProCon linked below to find where you stand on the subject!


Voting is a civic duty and right. You may believe that this should be reserved for mature, educated Americans, and young people should not be allowed to participate. Many people agree with you, click on the Forbes article linkned blow to find out why.


Some young people are pushing for the ability to vote, and you believe they should be able to. The National Youth Rights Association is at the front of this discussion, check out why they think youth should vote at the link below.


In a democracy as polarizinng as America, where millions of people vote, it may be hard to believe that your voice matters. But, the Wall Street Journal article linked below says it absolutely does. The intention behind every civic act you do has meaning.

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